So, you like to know how and why things work the way they do.

The therapy methodology for you is based on research and fact.  In the 1970s neuroscientist Benjamin Libet discovered that your brain makes split second decisions before you are consciously aware of them.  If I throw something at you, you will automatically attempt to catch it or duck (depending on what it is I throw!).  You do not consciously make that decision.  If something falls you will try to catch it – my friend’s husband attempted to catch a hot frying pan as it fell off the top of the hob!!

The physical brain starts responding to stimuli more than half a second before we are aware of it. The idea of a ‘cognitive gap’ really caught the interest of Psychotherapist Terence Watts and he developed a therapy technique that gets right into that half-second. That means we can change destructive processes at source, before they get anywhere near the conscious mind.


We change the root response to the stimulus that fires up the problem. So whenever the stimulus is encountered again, the response is whatever the client chose to have instead. It all happens early in the neural threads, before the amygdala, so after BWRT® has done its job, the limbic system simply does not receive the alarm signal. And never will again for that stimulus, either. It is a permanent resolution.