Weight Management Therapy

Here For You

  If you have tried diets in the past, lost weight, and then put it back on again (and more), you will understand that diets do not work.  Do you "fall off the waggon" on a night out or when you find yourself snacking in the afternoon - and then give up?

You are not alone.

Restrictive diets do not work.

More important is to understand how your body works - how and when it uses energy or stores it.  Also key, is to discover what your relationship is with your body.  Do you celebrate it or dislike it?

Toegether we can explore how your relationship with your body is affecting your weight - and by making changes to how you feel about yourself and your body and your life - we can change your weight.

Working with me will transform your relationship with food.  You will be able to eat without restricting yourself, without starving yourself and without guilt.


This is NOT a diet programme - there will be no calorie restrictions, exercise programmes nor weigh-ins.   

When we change the relationship we have with ourselves, then our relationship with others, with food, with life will change too.

It is possible to live a life full of joy, confidence and self-love. 

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