Feeling or spiritual

You like to use your imagination to sense or visualise what is going on.

The therapy has to feel right for you.  We use methods that encourage you to utilise your imagination, your spiritual side or your intuition.

You may be able to sense your problem in the abstract – it may have a distinct shape, colour, temperature or movement.  If you can, then that is fabulous because we can work to make changes to that object and then that will change the essence of the problem.

Perhaps you have conversations in your head and feel that different parts of you want different things.  (If you have been formally diagnosed with Dissociative identity disorder (DID) then I am NOT the therapist for you).

 At some point in most people’s lives they feel they want to do something, but hold themselves back; this can be the personality they were born with arguing with the personality that they were brought up to be.  We can work to identify those different parts of you and get them to work together more productively.

What we experience in life is our own perception of what is going on.  We do not experience events or situations in the same way as other people (think of a football match with two opposing views of the outcome!)  So our own perception is our own reality, and therefore we can change our perception and our reality!